Payment and Refund Policy

This is Hyre Payments Policy. This policy applies only to activities on HYRE BROKER SERVICES LLC, (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “company”, “Hyre”) engages in on its Hyre Web or Mobile App. Any products or services that a user requests on our Hyre App are referred to as "Service(s)".


The Hyre App accepts payment through Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards for its products and services. Services booked via the Hyre App are also governed by the terms and conditions of respective service providers (professionals).

Paying for Services


Users are charged once our Professional has confirmed that the acceptance of service that can be fulfilled. The Company will not seek confirmation from the customer that the service has been fulfilled before processing a payment. The displayed price and currency selected by you, will be the same price and currency charged to the Card and printed on the transaction Receipt. Where VAT or optional extras apply, the transaction amount will be shown to the user as "Pay Now".

Payments will be deducted from the customer's card account and settled to the professional only when the customer confirms the job completion and when the customer doesn't confirm the job completed in less than 24 hours or raises any disputes in 3 days post-service completion, then the order will be considered auto-completed, and the professional will be eligible for their payments.


The Hyre App user will receive the payment confirmation by email on the registered email address given at the time of registration, through a notification sent in an app, or both. The confirmation will be sent after the payment has been processed.


Hyre (Company), based on the service completion of our Professional, the Company will refund the full amount to the user once the refund requests have been accepted by the professional. It is the responsibility of the User to bring such cases to the attention of the Company by emailing within 24 hours of the due date of the scheduled service.

Any other refunds including those listed above will be made onto the original mode of payment, as may be deemed appropriate by the Company.

Once when the Professional rejects the booking upfront or at a later stage, the customer is eligible for a full refund back to their source account.

When the customer cancels an order within 24 hours of the due date of the scheduled service, they will be eligible for a full refund and when the same has been requested in less than 24 hours, then subject to professional approval, the customer may get a full refund or partial refund.


Users who book services on the Hyre App can manage their Services through the Hyre App. It is possible to change the dates, time, or the specific requirements of any given service, provided it is done so reasonably in advance 24 hours before the start of the booked service.

Failure to provide sufficient notice when cancelling or changing services may result in administrative fees being charged to the user. These fees are governed by the Cancellations Policy and may be amended from time to time.

By booking the services on the Hyre App you agree to abide by these policies and agree to pay any applicable charges. The Company reserves the right to use any legal means it may have at its disposal to recover such charges or to deny further use of the Hyre Services to the user, as it may deem necessary.

Cancellations Policy


For late cancellations or change requests (late is defined as less than 24 hours before the start of the service)



Where a customer was not present to avail of the scheduled service and therefore the service was not delivered. In such cases, administrative charges will apply. Such charges will depend on the type of service which was scheduled.


Any applicable administrative charges will be communicated to the Customer at the time when the request for cancellation or changes is made.

  • Charges are deducted at the time of cancellation in case of a late cancellation and for late changes at the time of completion of the service.

  • Charges for No Shows are applied once the Platform is notified by its professionals.


The customers are allowed to reschedule the booking within 24 hours by changing the date and time.

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